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The Inheritance India Land Conservation Company is committed to promoting investment in the conservation of natural resources or Natural Capital, which is diminishing at a rapid rate.

We do this by developing economic models which make meaningful returns for our investors, while preserving and restoring precious natural and heritage resources.

Our focus lies in designing Eco-Tourism Zones which promote eco-tourist destinations and activities through environmentally responsible practices.
We use this approach to support the conservation of ecological resources in India in both an environmentally as well as economically sustainable manner.

Eco-Tourism is growing exponentially all over the world. The spectrum of activity visible to a traveller within our Eco-Tourism Zones ranges from the conservation of wildlife habitats, protection of bio-diversity, promotion of ecologically responsible lifestyles, design of natural health spas, development of nature-based craft products, promotion of organic agriculture, to the research and development of alternative resources of energy such as bio-fuel, wherever possible in India.

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